Our employment philosophy

These are our core beliefs in how we value our employees.

1. Put every employee in a position to succeed
Every employee brings strengths and unique experiences to the company and its software testing projects. We take appropriate steps and measures to ensure each person is in a position to succeed and give them the best opportunity to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to their team and projects.

2. Work is a complementary aspect of life, not the dominant one
We understand that work is meaningful and rewarding for many reasons. However, we believe just as firmly that it cannot and should not stand alone as the dominant element of one’s life around which everything else must revolve. Our projects, work schedules, and practices ensure each employee is in a position to enjoy their work as part of their overall life.

3. Employees have an influential voice
Part of the respect afforded our employees is a meaningful opportunity to participate in the recruiting process. Prospective employees can see first-hand while being recruited that we value our staff’s input. As an employee-centric organization, it is vital that they have the opportunity to provide valued feedback concerning prospective future co-workers. Their input and time in evaluating candidates increase engagement amongst the staff while increasing the likelihood each new employee will succeed.

4. Less is moreĀ 
Our fundamental belief is that people don’t want to be managed, but instead led with respect and trust. We have a flat organizational structure that provides employees access to all levels within the company. Employees are empowered to manage their workload and deliverables, with prompt access to leadership when questions arise about their work. We hire assertive, self-starter professionals, and trust them to do their job to best of the abilities.

5. Acknowledge and reward excellent performance
We value and celebrate the meaningful and lasting contributions that each employee brings to the company and its projects. Verbal and written acknowledgments, on-the-spot bonuses, salary increases, and new or more challenging roles and assignments are all a part of our overall recognition of top performance.

6. Our employees are first and foremost “people,” and our most important asset
When our employees aren’t hard at work delivering quality deliverables on their software testing projects, they’re parents, students, coaches, and a host of other vital roles, too. Our policies and practices reinforce this belief by ensuring employees have sufficient time to address their commitments outside of work. As part of our work-life balance philosophy, we want each employee to enjoy fulfilling personal and professional lives.

7. Employees leave work at work
While each employee is naturally expected to give their best while at work, the project schedules and deliverables, along with our employment practices, dictate that when the workday is finished, the work remains at work. Our philosophy encourages people to enjoy their personal life as much as possible without any stress or pressures from work. By doing so, employees are more likely to be refreshed each morning, ready to give their best to their team and projects.