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Testing to validate the functionality, usability, and compatibility of mobile applications before they are released to end users.

Mobile application testing is the testing of mobile applications which has to qualify the test before they reach their target mobile devices & become available for public usage.

Challenges of Mobile Application Testing:
Like any other sort of testing, mobile application testing is focused on Quality & performance of the fully developed product.  Still Mobile Application testing has become quite challenging because of the following key issues.

1. Variety of Devices
Unlike traditional web & desktop applications, mobile apps are built to support multiple devices & platforms (iPhones, Androids, Windows Phones, Blackberries and many more).

2. Availability of Mobile Testing tools:
There’s a relative scarcity of advanced testing tools & methodologies (for mobile application testing).

3. Application Life Cycle Testing:
Mobile applications need to be upgraded frequently because:

4. End users expect quick feature upgrades an instant bug fixes.


01. Better user interface.

02. The mobile app functions without glitches.

03. Improved user loyalty.

Are you ready to test and improve your software applications?